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230532 The History of British Cinema and Film (S) (SoSe 2018)

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Starting as early as the late 1880s, film and cinema in Britain has seen a long and variable history. Some of its developments were due to innovations in media technology (e.g., the introduction of sound film in 1928 and the success of colour in the 1940s), others had to do with the economic conditions of the British Film industry vis-à-vis the US American studios. It has been debated to what extent British Cinema has had an identity of its own, but some trends, such as Heritage Cinema and Social Realism appear to be distinctly British contributions to film history.

In this seminar, we will trace the development of British Cinema from its beginnings until today. The aim of the class is to make transparent the networkss of conditions that shape a particular medium, including technological, economic, social, cultural and aesthetic aspects. We will do so by close analysis and interpretation of some representative films.


Working materials required for the preparation of individual sessions and the workgroups will be uploaded to the Lernraum towards the beginning of the semester.


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23-ANG-AngPM2.1_a Profilmodul 2.1: British Studies 2.1.3 Literature and Culture Studienleistung
veranstaltungsübergreifend benotete Prüfungsleistung Studieninformation
23-ANG-AngPM2_a Profilmodul 2: British Studies 2.3 Literature and Culture Studienleistung
veranstaltungsübergreifend benotete Prüfungsleistung Studieninformation
23-GP Global Perspectives Bereich 1: International politics, law and economics Studienleistung
Bereich 2: World history, culture and language Studienleistung
Bereich 3: Global community: opportunities, challenges and approaches Studienleistung
veranstaltungsübergreifend unbenotete Prüfungsleistung Studieninformation

Die verbindlichen Modulbeschreibungen enthalten weitere Informationen, auch zu den "Leistungen" und ihren Anforderungen. Sind mehrere "Leistungsformen" möglich, entscheiden die jeweiligen Lehrenden darüber.

Studiengang/-angebot Gültigkeit Variante Untergliederung Status Sem. LP  
Internationales in Studium und Lehre (Einschreibung bis SS 2011) Wahl 3 aktive Teilnahme Global Perspectives, Bereiche 1,2,3 GS
Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

Participants are expected to have completed Basismodul 2.
This class is research oriented, i.e., for a Studienleistung participants will have to join a workgroup that researches historical, economic, social and cultural backgrounds of indvidual phases of British Cinema history and present their findings in class in presentations which include film examples.
We won't be able to watch all films we discuss in class, which means that in addition to the time required to prepare the workgroup presentations, students will have to reserver time for film-viewing at home or in the screenings that will be arranged for the class. If you cannot reserve that time in your weekly schedule during the semester, please do NOT register for this class.

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