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392173 Projekt "Training in the Virtual Skills Lab" (PjS) (SoSe 2019)

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Work in health care scenarios is almost always conducted by teams of experts of different professions, such as medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc. However, during their theoretical education, it is still the standard in Germany that the professions are educated separately, without deeper knowledge about the other professions and their competences. Other countries have already established educational programs in which, for example, medical doctors and nurses train in joined practical trainings.

The goal of the project is to create a multi-user training environment, in which students of different professions can log in and take in different roles, which are reflected by the appearance of their character (doctor, nurse, etc.). Besides the interprofessional roles, also the roles of patients or relatives of patients are relevant. The focus of the project is on creating a shared environment and supporting scenarios with an emphasis on communication. Basic materials, such as documents (patient chart, laboratory report) or pictures (x-ray image) can be integrated and provide support material for the interprofessional discussion.

Project Objectives
- Create plausible interactive characters for interprofessional training situations
- Investigate different methods for motion capturing of body movements (lightweight capturing with interpolation, using point-cloud technology or using markers)
- When the team is large enough: investigate methods for capturing/visualizing facial expressions (e.g. using eye tracking, speech analysis, computer vision)


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