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392124 (Socially) Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics (Pj) (SoSe 2019)

Inhalt, Kommentar

This seminar introduces applications of Socially Assistive Robots (SAR) for rehabilitative and therapeutic tasks. SARs are a particular class of social robots, whose primary purpose is to actively support users to reach specific (therapy) goals just by their mere presence and social support. Such robots are used in domains like therapies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as cognitive assistance for people with mild cognitive impairments, or as exercising partners for post-stroke rehabilitation. The potential of these assistive technologies lies in their deployability in domestic environments or as tools in therapeutical or clinical settings, where standard procedures and methods might not be applicable. For example, animals therapy is not suitable in hospitals or care facilities due to hygienic reasons. In such cases, robots that have a zoomorphic design could be used instead and leverage similar positive effects for the therapy progress. Besides these SARs we will also have a look at conventional rehabilitation robots, where a physical interaction between the robot and use is necessary. These approaches require a safe design for the robot and have special needs for the Human-Robot Interaction. We will investigate the benefits and drawbacks of such systems and compare them to the socially assistive approach.


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Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

It is compulsory

   • to attend the seminar
   • read the publications
   • actively participate in discussions


   • For 3 CP:
       ◦ Choose one of the above listed topics, become the expert on this topic, prepare a presentation
       ◦ Attend an individual meeting before your presentation
       ◦ Before the meeting write me an abstract (300-400 words) 
           ▪ what is the topic the question of the article?
           ▪ which answers do the authors present regarding the questions
           ▪ reconstruct one of the arguments that the authors used to support his answer
       ◦ Prepare a presentation and discuss your presentation with me
       ◦ Prepare 3 learning goals for the other students concerning your presentation
       ◦ Send the learning goals one day before the presentation to me, I will distribute the learning goals to the students before your presentations
       ◦ Give a 45 Minutes presentation
       ◦ Prepare a discussion phase
       ◦ After your presentation and discussion, we will discuss whether the students achieved your proposed learning goals
   • For 5 CP:
       ◦ Write a paper (4000 words) about a topic of the seminar. This paper has to be handed in until the 30.09.2019
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