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392264 ISY Project: Quality Assessment System for Disabled Workers (Pj) (SoSe 2019)

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Inhalt, Kommentar

In a cooperation we are trying to optimize different work places for people with disabilities. In an on-site visit we know recognized that there are people that may still operate a computer system with their eyes or with head movements, but they cannot do any other movement. The same company has problems with quality assessment of the products people with other disabilties have constructed.

The idea of this project is to design a solution which could enable those people, who have a functional brain, but restricted acting capabilities to fullfil relevant working tasks by doing the visual quality checks on the products.

The basic concept could consist of a measuring station in which the products are placed, which has one or more camera systems. This station would send quality assessment tasks to a server, which then distributes the task to quality assessment stations. Such a station could then be an application running on the screen of one of the workers mentioned above, who is then enabled to remotely do the quality assessment, while not being able to participate in the original working environment. As these people might be slow in their interaction, a second station is to be designed, that utilizes computer vision and machine learning to classify basic/simple problems and only delegate problematic cases to the human worker.

Please note that the teams will be selected by the supervisors on the basis of short applications that students are expected to send to them. Registering to the project in the ekVV will only be regarded as expression of interest; it will not secure a team membership. Please get in touch with the supervisors for information on the application procedure.

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen, notwendige Vorkenntnisse

Required skils (e.g. mandatory courses, if required)

  • Computer Vision
  • Client/Server/Network Programming
  • Java/JavaScript/Web Programming Skills
  • Knowledge in construction of technical demonstrators and/or 3D printing could be helpful


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