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Mr Prof. Dr. Gernot Akemann

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3. Center for Interdisciplinary Research / ZiF Boards / Board of Directors


Member of the Board of Directors of ZiF, Deputy Executive Director

Phone No. of Secretary
+49 521 106-2796Secretary's Details

12. Faculty of Physics / Studienberatung / Akademische Studienberatung


Mathematische und Theoretische Physik


15. Research Center for Mathematical Modelling (RCM)


stellvertretender Sprecher


Curriculum Vitae

02/1996 PhD in Theoretical Physics, Univ. Hannover

10/1996-09/1998 EU Marie Curie Fellow, CPT-CNRS Luminy, Marseilles

10/1998-08/2001 postdoc, MPI for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg

10/2000 Habilitation, Univ. Heidelberg

09/2001-08/2004 EU and Heisenberg Fellow, CPT-CEA Saclay, Paris

09/2004-12/2010 Lecturer->Reader->Professor, Mathem. Sciences, Brunel Univ., London

since 01/2011 Professor in Mathematical Physics, Faculty of Physics, Bielefeld Univ.

Current research topics

Random Matrix Theory and its applications in high energy

physics and statistical mechanics, e.g.

- QCD Dirac spectra and effective field theory

- orthogonal polynomials, their asymptotic analysis

 and universality
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