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230057 VPS Anglistik G/ G ISP: Researching in the Foreign Language Classroom (S) (SoSe 2016)


This course has to be taken in order to start the Praxissemester in September 2016. It is the mandatory course for Grundschule students before they can start their Praxissemester (VPS Anglistik).

Inhalt, Kommentar

This course will focus on researching in the foreign language classroom. It prepares students for the reserach projects which they will have to conduct during their Praxissemester. We'll start by idendifying various topics in and around learning and teaching English in primary school, which are worth researching. After that, attention will be paid to various approaches to research, including research methods, research design, research instruments, etc. For a closer insight, we'll take a look at various exmaples of research projects which were done by students and/or which were published in the area of SLA and classroom research. All this will be guided by structured drafts, which serve as a basis for possible teaching projects (also see Anforderungen).
Special attention will be paid to the question of which research projects are doable in a primary school setting and might need special ethical/practical considerations.


A list of literature will be handed out in the first session. There are two Dauerapperate in the library which provide students with literature about teaching English in primary school (Grundschulunterricht Englisch) as well as practical teaching material (Praxisstudien Englisch Grundschule).
There is another one with literature about research in the foreign langauge classroom.


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Modul Veranstaltung Leistungen  
23-ANG-VRPS_G Vorbereitung und Reflexion des Praxissemesters (G) FDG55.2 Researching in the Foreign Language Classroom (VPS) Studienleistung

Die verbindlichen Modulbeschreibungen enthalten weitere Informationen, auch zu den "Leistungen" und ihren Anforderungen. Sind mehrere "Leistungsformen" möglich, entscheiden die jeweiligen Lehrenden darüber.

Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

Everyone will be asked to hand in 2 structured drafts of possible small-scale research projects which could be conducted during the Praxissemester. One of them has to be handed in early (mid of May). This is mandatory in order to fully register for the Praxissemester starting in September 2016.

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