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209565 Working in science: from idea to publication (S) (SoSe 2007)


Vorbesprechung: 12.04., 8 c.t., VHF-211

Inhalt, Kommentar

The aim of this seminar is to give an introduction to the important steps in science. Among those steps that are considered are ¿How to find a hypothesis worth to work on?¿, ¿Which statistical test should I use?¿, ¿How to find the relevant literature¿, ¿How to write a succinct abstract¿, and ¿Where to publish?¿. For all these topics I will every week give a short lecture and the students will get an assignment. They will be confronted with problems from evolutionary ecology (including among others sexual selection, optimal foraging, sex allocation, and sperm competition) and have one week to solve the assigned problems. The following week, we will discuss the proposed solutions before we go on with the next step. The assignments and the expected achievements will be differentiated depending on the experience of the students.


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wöchentlich Do 8-10 VHF-211 12.04.2007-13.07.2007

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Systems Biology of Brain and Behaviour / Master (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2012) Modul 6 Wahlpflicht 2. 3  
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