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231027 Introduction to English Language Teaching Methodology (GS) (S) (WiSe 2013/2014)

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This seminar is intended for those intending to teach at primary (Grundschule) level. Of the three courses in Profile Module 8 this should be taken first, as it functions as an introduction to the module.
In this course we will start of with taking a brief look at different approaches to language teaching from the last decades/centuries. Then we will go into detail with those approaches and methods, that are relevant for primary English teaching today, as for example TPR, task-based learning or communicative language teaching and cooperative learning. Touching on how a lesson and how a unit in primary school are build up, we'll then go into detail with the 4 skills listening, speaking, reading and writing. Also, basics about the teaching of vocabulary and grammar in primary school are dealt with. As the course draws to a close, we will consider criteria for "good" course books and with the help of those criteria analyse different course books which are used in German primary schools today. Finally, we'll deal with different older as well as newer methods of assessment.
Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

Coursebook: Pinter, A. (2006). Teaching Young Language Learners. Oxford: OUP.
There will be further readings from Cameron (2001), Richards & Rodgers (2001), Legutke (2009), Brewster & Ellis (2002).


Coursebook: Pinter, A. (2006). Teaching Young Language Learners. Oxford: OUP.
There will be further readings from Cameron (2001), Richards & Rodgers (2001), Legutke (2009), Brewster & Ellis (2002).


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23-ANG-AngPM1 Profilmodul 1:Teaching English as a Foreign Language 1 English Language Teaching Methodology Studieninformation
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Anglistik: British and American Studies / Bachelor (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2011) Kern- und Nebenfach BaAngPM8 Pflicht 4. 5. 3 benotet  
Anglistik: British and American Studies (GHR) / Master of Education (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2014) BaAngPM8 Pflicht 1. 2. 2 unbenotet  
Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

Everyone, including those who only need two credit points, will have to prepare a practical example (plus handout) that will be demonstrated in class. Also, everyone will be required to take part in a presentation. There will not be a class test for marks, but everyone will take part in a class quiz. A satisfactory performance in this is regarded as part of active participation. Those who need 3LPs or want to do their "Modulabschlussprüfung" will either hand in a paper by the end of the semester about a topic that is relevant in primary English teaching or do a longer presentation on their own. For those who need grades, the practical example as well as the presentation (as well as the paper) will be marked.

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