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231049 Language Learner Language & Language Learning Processes (S) (WiSe 2011/2012)

Inhalt, Kommentar

There will be a Tutorial for this course.

This course assumes that students have already taken the course "Introduction to Second Language Acquisition", which functions as an introduction to Profile Module 7. It will build on the introductory course and look in more detail both at the linguistic product of learners when attempting to speak and write English and also at the psycholinguistic processes which underlie learners' linguistic product. The point of departure will be error analysis and interlanguage theory, familiar to students from the introductory course. In this course we will look also at systematic and non-systematic variation in learner language, at the relation between linguistic knowledge and linguistic performance, at automatisation and restructuring processes, at speech planning processes, at trade-offs between accuracy and fluency, at strategies of learning and of communication. Consideration will be given to the units of lexical processing, especially units which transcend the word. We will also pay special attention to lexical compensatory strategies. Attention will also be devoted to the role of monitoring in production and to self-correction. At all times we will be considering the implications of our discussion for classroom language teaching.

Two students will be expected to briefly present a topic from the course plan each week and provide a handout to be placed on the web-page. Presenters will have the opportunity to consult the tutor in advance of their presentation

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen, notwendige Vorkenntnisse

This course should be taken after the Introduction to Second Language Acquisition course (recommendation).


A collection of texts in bound form will be available and students are required to purchase this

Please see my webpage for additional reading. All books are in a semesterapparat in the library.


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Studiengang/-angebot Gültigkeit Variante Untergliederung Status Sem. LP  
Anglistik: British and American Studies / Bachelor (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2011) Kern- und Nebenfach BaAngPM7   2/3  
Anglistik: British and American Studies / Master of Education (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2014) BaAngPM7   2/3  
Anglistik: British and American Studies (GHR) / Master of Education (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2014) BaAngPM7   2/3  
Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

B.A.: 2 LP for participation (maximum 3 absences),
1LP for either a presentation, a relevant lesson plan or a mini- case-study of a language learner.
M.Ed.:2 LP for participation (maximum 3 absences). Possibility to write a Modulabschlussarbeit on one of the topics dealt with (3LP)

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