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209536 Supplementary Module A: Tactile Learning in Honey Bees (S+Pr) (SoSe 2011)


3 Wochen nach Vereinbarung August/September 2010

Inhalt, Kommentar

The capacity of the honey bee to learn rapidly a variety of sensory cues and to remember these signals for a long time is a major reason why this insect became so attractive for behavioural and sensory-physiological studies. Most experiments that analyse discrimination of sensory signals or orientation in the environment are based on the complex learning abilities of the honey bee. The supplementary module will be a practical introduction to associative learning and memory in honey bees, with special focus on tactile learning, pattern recognition and discrimination. Participants will learn how to prepare, accomplish and evaluate neuroethological experiments in the field and/or laboratory.


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Systems Biology of Brain and Behaviour / Master (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2012) Modul 6; Baustein II Wahlpflicht 2. 4 unbenotet  
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