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230167 English Teachers for Future: Current Approaches to Language Teaching and the Climate Crisis (S) (SoSe 2020)

Inhalt, Kommentar

Recently, the climate crisis has moved into the centre of public discourse. The recent events, e.g. surrounding the climate activist Greta Thunberg and movements such as Fridays for Future, have shown that it is excellent intercultural communication skills that are now needed more than ever to tackle this crisis. Besides others, English has become a key language in that discourse.

As a matter of fact, the students of this class will teach English to those children and adolescents who are the key generation in solving the climate crisis and various related issues. This course's purpose is to equip you with a basic toolkit to meet this challenge.

Throughout the course, we will have a look at approaches to teaching English language competences in the fields of lexico-grammar, reading, listening, speaking and writing - always with a focus on dealing with the climate crisis in our future ELT classrooms. We will, therefore, also broaden the view to approaches such as eco-didactics and global learning. Theory will be combined with practical work on task design and lesson planning.


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wöchentlich Mo 12-14 V2-213 06.04.2020-17.07.2020


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23-ANG-AngPM1_HRSGe_GymGe Profilmodul 1 - HRSGe GymGe: Teaching English as a Foreign Language Current Approaches to Language Teaching Studienleistung
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