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996001 Planning, Thinking and Deciding – Using Writing in the Research Process (WS) (WiSe 2019/2020)

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Writing a dissertation is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires not only stamina but also stubbornness and curiosity to stick to one’s own interests while managing an open ended research process over an extended period of time. Therefore it’s necessary to build up strategies to organize complexity and to deal with contingency right from the start.

In this workshop participants will:

• picture the phases and steps involved in the process of writing a dissertation,
• break down their research questions into a realistic framework for the future iteration of the dissertation project,
• think about strategies to document and structure literature and ideas,
• try out a procedure for writing down thinking pieces or ‘chunks’ of text,
• This workshop provides an opportunity to get into a conversation with fellow doctoral researchers and to use feedback and the experience of others to get productive. In ideal case there will emerge a collaborative space for researchers-writers in the context of BGHS.

The workshop will be held by Stefanie Haacke who has been working in the Writing Centre (“Schreiblabor”) of Bielefeld University for 20 years now. Stefanie holds a German master degree (“Magister”) in Philosophy, Religious Studies and Art History from the “Freie Universität” Berlin.

N.B. This workshop is about the writing process, not about language. Usually I hold it in German. I brought it into English language to make it more accessible for international doctoral researchers who do not speak German so well.

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Deadline: November 8, 2019


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Block   12.12.2019-13.12.2019 Blockveranstaltung 10-17 Uhr


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