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230366 How to Engage with the Past? Research Paradigms in the Study of History and Cultural Memory (S) (SoSe 2019)

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This colloquium-style seminar, which is also open to advanced BA students as well as doctoral students, is directed mainly at MA students who are currently writing or intending to write a thesis in British literary and/or cultural studies. The class has a two-fold aim. First and foremost, we will discuss foundational research paradigms in the study of (literary) history and cultural memory in our discipline. For this purpose, we will read foundational theoretical texts engaging with the question of how to conceptualise and engage with the past and its influence on the present in our own research on literature and culture. In addition, however, we will also address more practical issues of doing academic research. We will discuss how to plan and organize a research project, how to select material and research papers, and how to overcome the obstacles that typically occur in the process of academic writing.


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