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230545 Argumentation, Communication and Critical Reading (S) (WiSe 2018/2019)

Inhalt, Kommentar

In "Argumentation, Communication and Critical Reading", you will develop skills needed throughout your English studies as well as in professional and private contexts after you graduate.
The course offers you the chance to become a yet more proficient user of spoken English, and to express yourself appropriately, correctly, easily and confidently, particularly in discussions, talks and meetings. This includes working at contrastive aspects of pronunciation and honing the rhetorical and argumentational skills to describe complex interrelationships and diverse, perhaps even controversial, perspectives. In the critical reading component, you will practise techniques that help you to grasp the main points of academic texts quickly and accurately.

Students on the priority list will have priority to fill up any places not taken in the first session. Everyone MUST be there in the first session to claim their place!


Termine (Kalendersicht )

Rhythmus Tag Uhrzeit Ort Zeitraum  
wöchentlich Do 10-12 X-E1-200 08.10.2018-01.02.2019
nicht am: 01.11.18 / 27.12.18 / 03.01.19
einmalig Sa 12-14 T2-213 03.11.2018

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Modul Veranstaltung Leistungen  
23-ANG-AngBM1 Basismodul 1: Language 1.1 Argumentation, Communication and Critical Reading Studienleistung
veranstaltungsübergreifend benotete Prüfungsleistung benotete Prüfungsleistung Studieninformation

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Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

Participation in the debating, arguing, pronunciation and reading exercises in class. Among these are a five-minute reading from a literary text and trial versions of the Proficiency Test interview. Occasionally there will be written homework that you are expected to do.

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