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392281 ISY Project: Smart home interaction with human presence detection sensors (Pj) (SoSe 2018)

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- Short Description
To increase the living quality in future smart homes, an intelligent information processing is required. An essential part of an intelligent and highly optimized home is a reliable human presence detection (HPD). The KogniHome research apartment located in Bethel provides many prototypes like an intelligent door, mirror, and kitchen for evaluation. The goal of this project is to integrate a next generation HPD sensor and to exploit the automatization possibilities. The major work packages of this project are:
- Integration of the information of the sensor provided by an API into the RSB infrastructure
- Realize different use cases (e.g. lighting control)

Please note that the teams will be selected by the supervisors on the basis of short applications that students are expected to send to them. Registering to the project in the ekVV will only be regarded as expression of interest; it will not secure a team membership.
Please get in touch with the supervisors for information on the application procedure.


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