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300316 Social Dis/Orders: Caste, Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Focus (WkS) (Ko) (WiSe 2017/2018)

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In continuation to the sessions in Summer term 2017, also this term’s research class will be organized in 4 or 5 topical blocks lasting for 6 til 8 hours. The doctoral as well as master students will be expected to present their material - such as empirical data, literature recherche, (parts of) chapters - while paying attention to the following topics / concepts:
1) Symbolic / social boundary dynamics
2) Lives and bodies in borderlands / ‘fronterias’ and transits
3) Social (con)figurations with the focus at activist / intellectual positionings
4) (Positional) movements and imaginaries
More topics relating to the broader theme of ‘social dis/orders’ can be suggested and agreed upon before and at the beginning of the Summer Term.
Participation: all students writing their theses (either doctoral or master) under my supervision are expected to take active part in this research class.


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