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392130 Game Engineering I (PjS) (WiSe 2015/2016)

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This is the first seminar in a two part course on Game Engineering. The goal of the entire course is to understand the development cycle of modern games and extend existing knowledge in computer graphics and artificial intelligence. Within a group you design and realize a game and thus learn to solve specific problems on your own and enhance your skills in project management and teamwork.

In the first part you will develop a working prototype of a game within the Unreal Engine, while we will support you with an accompanying seminar and individual feedback. In the seminar we will start with theoretical concepts that all games (real or computer based) have in common. Afterwards the content creation pipeline for computer games is introduced and game engine fundamentals are described based on the Unreal Engine. At this point we will often refer to knowledge that you have previously acquired in lectures about computer graphics and artificial intelligence, and enhance it when needed. The seminar will conclude with game testing and evaluation.

For the second half (SS2016) you must select a specialization either for computer graphics or artificial intelligence. In both seminars, project related and fundamental topics are covered that go beyond the basics. Furthermore, it offers a platform for exchange between the specialist of each group.

This course should become a 10P module in the near future and would be officially recognized as compulsory optional subject (Wahlpflicht). It might be also considered as an alternative to the ISY-projects. For more details, please join the first session.


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