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209502 Mastermodul B: Neural mechanisms of behaviour (V+Pr) (WiSe 2014/2015)

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Brains are believed to belong to the most complex structures in the universe. They consist of densely packed and intricately interconnected networks of neurons, each of which has already highly complex computational properties. With their neuronal machinery even relatively small animals are able to deal successfully with extraordinary tasks - at least if compared to the performance of man-made artificial systems. The neuronal control of behaviour will be exemplified by experiments on the motion vision system of flying insects. Behavioural experiments will give insight into the properties of insect motion vision. Behavioural data will be recorded using high-speed video cameras. Fundamental issues of neuronal information processing in nerve cells and neuronal networks will be addressed by electrophysiological experiments. Extracellular recording techniques will be applied to a preparation that is relatively easily accessible to experimental approaches (semi-intact insects). Modern computer-based approaches will be introduced for quantitative analysis of the electrophysiological as well as the behavioural data. The experimental analysis will be complemented by model simulations to substantiate experimentally established hypotheses. The different projects will be conducted in small groups. Topical papers in the field of cellular information processing and neuronal computation will be discussed in seminars.
Requirements: Active participation, continuous attendance, oral presentation of own projects and original papers, and oral examination (graded).


Neuron to Brain; Nicholls J.B., Martin A.R., Wallace B.G., Fuchs P.A.; Sinauer Assoc.
Nerve Cells and Animal Behaviour; Simmons P., Young D.: Cambridge University Press


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