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319006 English for Students of Business and Economics (V) (SoSe 2013)

Inhalt, Kommentar

• The course aims to:
• develop your comprehension of business terms and economic concepts;
• develop listening skills in the field of business and economics;
• provide you with opportunities to gain some confidence in speaking English by talking about business concepts, by summarizing texts, giving opinions, making assumptions, critically assess.
• focus on business areas and functions, negotiations and (job) applications.
• Skills development
Students are taught to develop their skills in:
Reading which includes skimming text, guessing unknown words, recognizing arguments, main information and supporting details; summarizing and note taking.
Speaking, including agreeing and disagreeing, questioning, clarifying and negotiating.
Presentation skills, making short presentations in front of the class, including preparing and using visual aids;
Writing CVs and covering letters/letters of motivation; mind maps; writing a description of a business process; preparing graphs and talking audience through them.
• In order to gain credit points (2) students are expected to attend regularly, to prepare and present one presentation of a topic of their choice, to prepare for class topics as announced in class moodle; to participate actively in class discussions and tasks.


Course Topics and Themes:
1. Business Environment – Competitive Markets
2. Future uncertainty – STEEP analysis
3. Managing people – Rewarding performance
4. Fostering Creativity – Carnegie wave energy (case study)
5. Working across cultures- Vocab of reason, result and contrast
6. Change Management – DICE theory
7. Project management –Scheduling a project
8. A (Business) Movie- to be announced - discussion
9. E-Marketing – The 4 Cs vs the 4 Ps
10. Money, Accounting and Finance – Microfinance - Personal finance - scholarships
11. Corporate Social Responsibility – Business Ethics
12. Employment and CVs
Economist/Spiegel online english/Financial Times/ Magazine


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Studiengang/-angebot Gültigkeit Variante Untergliederung Status Sem. LP  
Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Kernfach) / Bachelor (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2011) Kernfach   2 Individuelle Ergänzung  
Wirtschaftswissenschaften (1-Fach) / Bachelor (Einschreibung bis SoSe 2011)   2 Individuelle Ergänzung  
Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

In order to gain credit points (2) students are expected to attend regularly, to prepare and present one presentation of a topic of their choice, to carry out various internet research tasks and to prepare from week to week for the sessions in order to be able to contribute to the topics announced.

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