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996010 Planning, Thinking and Deciding – Using Writing in the Research Process (WS) (WiSe 2020/2021)

Inhalt, Kommentar

Writing a dissertation is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires not only stamina but also curiosity and a certain amount of stubbornness to stick to your own interests while managing an open-ended research process over an extended period of time. Therefore, young researchers and writers need to develop strategies to organise complexity and to deal with contingency right from the start.

In this workshop, participants:

• picture the phases and steps involved in the process of writing a dissertation;

• get to know and apply a procedure for writing down ‘thinking pieces‘ or chunks of text;

• break down their research questions into a realistic framework for the future iteration of the dissertation project;

• work with different strategies for organising ideas and structuring academic texts;

• become aware of the stumbling stones and challenges of long-term writing projects;

• get to know strategies to start, and stick to, personal writing routines;

• learn to plan their writing processes more realistically;

• learn how to give and receive constructive text feedback to produce better texts;

• hear about useful online and offline resources on academic writing.

The workshop provides the opportunity to share experiences and to network with fellow doctoral researchers at Bielefeld University, and to profit from peer feedback and other people‘s experiences to become more productive. Ideally, the workshop will facilitate the formation of a collaborative space for researchers-writers within and across various disciplines and departmens at Bielefeld University.

Please note: This workshop focuses on the writing process, not on language. The working language is English to make the workshop more accessible for international doctoral researchers who do not speak German well enough to attend a writing workshop in German. If you are mainly interested in strategies to successfully publish in international journals or edited volumes, please check the information on the workshop “Writing for International Research Communities“.

Please register for the workshop by sending an e-mail to Stefanie Haacke-Werron ( Please note that the registration is binding.


  • Dr. Vera Leberecht

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Block 10-17 ONLINE   25.02.2021
Block 10-17 ONLINE   10.03.2021


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