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230273 Porn Cultures (S) (WiSe 2020/2021)

Inhalt, Kommentar

In this digital age, Internet pornography is only a click away. Accessible anytime, anywhere it is ready to be consumed, seemingly without much effect beyond the obvious. Exposure to pornographic material is a daily reality, while much needed discussion of its contents and responses to these are not. Mainstream pornography's often problematic representations of bodies, genders, skin colors and the sexual act as such are left widely unexplored. Impossible to define, through its open-endedness pornography lends itself to virtually all kinds of interpretations and practices and thus also critical positions in discourses.
Conceived of as cultural production and productions makes it possible to ask bigger questions about pornography: what are origins and histories, traditions of pornography in the Western world? What are motivations, values, lessons? Who are the audiences, the actors? What are its tropes, practices, conventions?
In this class, we will critically discuss these questions and more. It seeks to start discussions and shed light on research that begs to be done more than provide clear-cut answers. It will intentionally exclude any type of illegal porn as that requires an altogether different approach.


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wöchentlich Mi 14-16 ONLINE   02.11.2020-12.02.2021


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23-ANG-M-AngHM3_IAS Media and the Processes of Culture / Los medios y los procesos de la cultura "Cultural Communication" oder "Mediating Cultures" Studienleistung
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23-ANG-M-AngHM4 Hauptmodul 4: Media and the Processes of Culture HM 4.1 Cultural Communication Studienleistung
HM 4.2 Mediating Cultures Studienleistung
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30-MGS-5 Hauptmodul 4: Körper und Gesundheit Seminar 1 Studienleistung
Seminar 2 Studienleistung
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