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230277 Forschungskolloquium Englischdidaktik (Ko) (SoSe 2020)

Inhalt, Kommentar

In this class, you can present your research in the field of foreign language learning and give and receive (peer) feedback. At the example of your evolving texts, we will discuss what it takes to develop a good research question, how to construct a good outline and how to write introductions and a state of research. We will discuss your questions based on your respective points in the research process.


Termine (Kalendersicht )

Rhythmus Tag Uhrzeit Ort Zeitraum  
14-täglich Di 16-18 C3-241 07.04.2020-17.07.2020


Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

The class is open to students writing their BA or MA thesis in the field of foreign language learning.

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