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300491 Social Protection and Labour Market (S) (SoSe 2020)

Inhalt, Kommentar

This Research Class will accompany PhD candidates at any stage of your research. Together, we will examine the major issues around designing and carrying out your research, including research topics and questions, concepts and theories, methods and data collection, research ethics and other related matters that you identify. If your project is already at an advanced stage, we can discuss more specific issues of analysis and writing up.

PhD candidates whose dissertations are concerned with any particular aspects of (broadly defined) social protection and the labour market are welcome. If you are unsure about the match of your research with the class, please speak to either of the convenors. The programme and schedule will be adjusted to the specific PhD topics, stages of PhD projects and general needs of support in the group.

The Research Class will be conducted in English. As a rule, it will operate on the basis of your inputs and by signing up, you are committed to sending in written material in advance of each session as necessary for class discussion.


Termine (Kalendersicht )

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wöchentlich Mi 14:30-17:30 X-C2-216 06.04.2020-17.07.2020


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Bielefeld Graduate School In History And Sociology / Promotion Research Classes   1  
Soziologie / Promotion    
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