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996004 How to get published (WS) (WiSe 2019/2020)

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The aim of this workshop is to guide young researchers through all stages of the publication process, allowing them to plan their writing and publication methods, and ultimately their career, with much greater care.

Firstly, academic publications have become a vital part of scientific evaluation. They are no longer merely a means of communication, but are increasingly used as a criterion for quality control. As a result, publishing has become a vital part of scientific research: to be a (good) scientist is to publish. Secondly, academic careers are becoming shorter and more precarious: the majority of PhD students move on to a different kind of employment, which means they have less time to get their results into the open. The result of this twofold situation is the following: publishing has become vitally important, but people have less and less time to learn how to do it.

This workshop is meant to help them overcome this problem. It offers a guide through all principles of publication, using a broad variety of tools and principles which can be used to take control of one’s publication strategies. This allows PhD students to take off on a flying start: knowledge and skills that would otherwise be the result of a long process of trial and error are now ready-at-hand for them to use at the very beginnings of their academic career.


  • Dr. Anton Froeyman

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Bielefeld Graduate School In History And Sociology / Promotion Transferable Skills   0.5  
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