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285120 Ultrafast Science: Lasers, Fundamentals and Spectroscopy (V) (SoSe 2019)

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This MSc-level course is designed to prepare the students for a successful experimental MSc or PhD project in the area of modern ultrafast condensed matter physics and ultrafast photonics. This course will consist of two parts: the core lecture and a series of guest lectures.

The core lecture will cover the following topics:

- Principles of lasers

- Generation, characterization and propagation of ultrashort laser pulses

- Basics of nonlinear optics and nonlinear wave conversion

- Refresher on sold state physics: electronic bandstructure, phonons, density of states

- Principles of light-matter interaction: dielectric function and its equivalents (optical conductivity, refractive index and absorption coefficient) from classical and quantum mechanical principles

- Examples of ultrafast spectroscopy: time-resolved terahertz (THz) and attosecond spectroscopy

Parallel to the core lecture, a number of guest lectures by leading international scientists will be given, covering such topics as:

- Novel concepts in ultrashort pulse generation: fiber lasers and high-power disk lasers

- THz metrology

- Ultrafast photoacoustics

- Ultrafast magnetooptics

- Principles of vibrational spectroscopy

- Ultrafast photoemission and field emission spectroscopy

- Ultrafast science at large-scale facilities: Nonlinear THz spectroscopy of condensed matter systems with the free-electron laser at ELETTRA synchrotron facility (Trieste, Italy)

- Current status in attosecond science

Oral examinations will be held on request.


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