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392241 Applied Cognitive Computing: Optimality and rationality in cognitive agents with limited resources (S) (SoSe 2020)

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Information: Due to the current situation, we will try to hold the seminar by means of live video conferences (the official tool is

For the first half, where we talk about the state of the field, we will have live sessions, at the normal time (i.e. Tuesdays 2pm). Additionally, I will record my part (if everyone agrees I can also record the discussion) of the sessions and upload it to the Lernraum.
In the second part, where you will tackle more practical problems, we will hold (bi-) weekly meetings via live conference within the smaller groups, but also at the usual time.

Building upon the theoretical methods discussed in the lecture „Cognitive Computing: Reasoning and Decision Making under Uncertainty“, this seminar considers the problem of resource limitations present in both artificial systems (computational resources) as well as in human users (mental and cognitive resources). Social Agents that should interact with people in real time need to take their users limitations into account when making inferences about them. Furthermore, such systems may need to take their own computational resources into account when deciding how to interact with their users.
The first half of the seminar will take a closer look into the field of „bounded rationality“ and how systems may deal with these challenges. Afterwards, participants will get the chance to implement and test their own solutions in simple simulations.


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wöchentlich Di 14-16 CITEC 3.220 06.04.2020-17.07.2020

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39-Inf-KR Cognitive Computing / Kognitives Rechnen Angewandtes Kognitives Rechnen Studieninformation
39-M-Inf-VKI Vertiefung Künstliche Intelligenz Spezielle Themen der Künstlichen Intelligenz unbenotete Prüfungsleistung
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