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Bielefeld Graduate School in Theoretical Sciences / Promotion

Vorlesungsverzeichnis für das WiSe 2017/2018

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240159 Kaßmann Partial Differential Equations 2 V Mi 14-16 in V2-213; Fr 8-10 in V2-213; Mi 14:00-16:00, einmalig in U2-233 einmalig am 18.102017 in U2-233
240161 Crawley-Boevey Noncommutative Algebra 3 V Mo 10-12 in V5-227; Do 10-12 in V5-227
241232 Akemann, Gentz, Götze, Grigoryan, Herr, Hinz, Kaßmann, Kondratiev, Kutovyi, Röckner IRTG Seminar S Do 17-18 in V2-210/216
241234 Baake, Baake, Reinhold FSPM² Kolloquium Ko Fr 16-18 in V3-204
241238 Baake, Akemann Kolloquium zur Mathematischen Physik Ko Fr 16-18 in V2-210
241242 Röckner Introduction to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations II V Mi 12-14 in V2-213; Fr 12-14 in U2-113; Do 10-12, einmalig in V3-201; Do 12-14, einmalig in T2-228; Do 10-12, einmalig in V3-201; Do 12-14, einmalig in T2-228; Do 12-14, einmalig in T2-228; Do 12-14, einmalig in T2-228; Do 10-12, einmalig in V2-105/115; Do 12-14, einmalig in T2-228; Do 12-14, einmalig in T2-228
241243 Röckner, von der Lühe, Tutorin: Katharina von der Lühe Übung zu Introduction to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations II V Di 12-14 in V5-148; Fr 10-12, einmalig in U2-147
241244 Gentz, Götze, Hofmanová, Kondratiev, Röckner Bielefelder Stochastic Afternoon S Mi 14-18 in V3-201
241246 Röckner AG - Stochastische Analysis AG Mi 16-18 in V3-201
241248 Bux Groups acting on trees
We shall discuss Bass-Serre theory and JSJ decompositions of groups.
V Di 12-14 in V4-119
241262 Crawley-Boevey, Geuenich, Hubery, Krause, Sauter Oberseminar Darstellungstheorie S Fr 13-18 in T2-213; Do 12-18, einmalig in V5-227 Bielefeld Bochum Seminar
241264 Sauter Toric Varieties V Mo 12-14 in V5-227 Vorlesung beginnt erst am 16.10.2017, in V5-227
241266 Krause, Crawley-Boevey, William, Prof. Dr. Representation Theory S Mi 14-16 in T2-220
241268 Banas, Diening, Beyn Oberseminar Numerik S Mo 14-16 in V5-148
241272 Hinz Topics Lecture: Heat semigroups and Dirichlet forms on manifolds and metric spaces V Mi 10-12 in D5-153
241292 Kielak arXiv seminar S Mo 13:00-14:00 in X-E0-218
241294 Dawid, Köhler BGTS Kolloquium
The colloquium takes place at least once per semester. For details see:
Ko Fr 16:00-18:00, einmalig in H3
241342 Herr, Kaßmann Topics Seminar: Analysis S Fr 14-16 in D5-153
241350 Andre Schenke IRTG Cluster Group Lévy processes S Di 12-14 in D5-153
241352 Filip Bosnic, Jonas Jalowy IRTG Cluster Group Graph Theory S Mo 14-16 in D5-153
241354 Guy Foghem IRTG Cluster Group Analysis S Fr 12-14 in D5-153
241358 Grigoryan, Hinz Oberseminar Geometric Analysis S Di 10-12 in D5-153
241370 Voll Mathematisches Kolloquium Ko Do 17-19 in V2-210, V2-216 Kaffee und Tee ab 16.30 Uhr
241386 Voll, Carnevale Asymptotische Gruppentheorie AG Mi 12-13 in X-E0-226; Mi 12-13 in X-E0-212; Mi 12-13 in X-E0-226
285441 Borghini Übungen zu Symmetries in Physics Ü Mi 12-14 in D6-135; Do 10-12 in D6-135
289700 Dozenten der Physik Physikalisches Kolloquium Ko Mo 16-18 in H6; Do 18-20, einmalig in D2-152; Do 18-20:30, einmalig in D2-136
289704 Schwarz, Schupp, Peter (Jacobs University Bremen), Kunz, Jutta (Uni Oldenburg), Lämmerzahl, Claus (ZARM, Uni Bremen) Colloquium Models of Gravity Ko Mi 12-18 Die Veranstaltung findet je einmal im Monat wechselweise in Bielefeld, Bremen, Hannover und Oldenburg statt, Details siehe
289950 Dahm, Reimann Theorie der kondensierten Materie GrS Fr 14-16 in V2-205
289952 Akemann Recent problems in mathematical physics GrS Do 16-18 in D5-153
289953 Dahm Kollektive Quantenphänomene GrS Mi 14-16 in D5-153
289954 Akemann, Götze, Kieburg Random Matrices GrS Mi 14-16 in V3-201; Mi 16-18, einmalig in T2-204
289955 Dahm, Reimann Aktuelle Probleme der statistischen Physik GrS Do 14-16 in D5-153
289960 Borghini, Karsch, Laermann, Schwarz, Bödeker, Kaczmarek, Schmidt Current topics in elementary particle physics GrS Do 14-16 in D6-135
289963 Borghini Schwerionenphysik bei RHIC und LHC GrS Mi 12-14
289969 Borghini, Karsch, Laermann, Schwarz, Bödeker, Kaczmarek, Schmidt CRC-TR211 Seminar: Strong-interaction matter under extreme conditions GrS Di 14-16 in D6-135
311500 Riedel Foundations of Modern Financial Economics (Finance 1a)
The lecture course Finance 1 is the first in a three-semester sequence on mathematical finance. Finance 1 is meant to equip students with a basic understanding of how financial markets work and what the most fundamental techniques for pricing and hedging derivatives are. The first half of the lecture course (Finance 1a) studies arbitrage arguments, the pricing of financial instruments like options and hedging in discrete-time (one-period and binomial multi-period) stochastic market models. The second half (Finance 1b) studies dynamic models and questions one can only answer within this class of models. We consider American options and hedging techniques in incomplete markets like super- and quantile hedging. We will also start a discussion of risk management. Subsequent lecture courses in this module (viz. Finance 2-3) will be devoted to the economic theory of financial markets and more advanced continuous-time models, developed within classical stochastic analysis.
V Mo 8-10 in H10; Fr 14-16 in H10; Fr 14-16, einmalig in X-E0-002
311502 Eckwert Information Structures, Risk Allocation and Prices in Financial Markets V Do 14-16 in U2-228
311920 Willmann European Integration V Mi 12-14 in W9-109
312001 Dawid Innovationsökonomik V Mi 8-10 in X-E0-236
312005 Gezer Differential Games in Economics and Management Science V Di 12-14 in T2-227; Mi 16-18, einmalig in T2-233
312830 Zaharieva Master Seminar: Crisis Economics
Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl: 20
S Di 10-12 in W8-107; Di 10-12, einmalig in V2-121
312838 Sürücü Seminar Course on Experimental Economics
Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl: 15
S Do 10-12, einmalig in V10-122 first meeting
312842 Ferrari Finance III: Stochastic Control in Economics and Finance
Seminar in English language
S N. N. First meeting on October 24, 2017, 11:00 a.m. in V10-122
312905 Dawid BiGSEM-Kolloquium Ko Di 16-18 in V10-122
312919 Dawid Masterkolloquium Ko Mo 10-12 in W8-107
317303 Clemens, Dawid, Eckwert, Greiner, Riedel, Willmann Volkswirtschaftliches Kolloquium (Economics Seminar) Ko Di 18-20 in H8
318004 Ferrari Finance 3
The course is in English and requires knowledge of Stochastic Analysis.
V Mo 18-20 in X-E1-203
319013 Clemens Macroeconomics I (QEM) V Di 8-10 in T2-205 Raum wie 319012; Mi 10-12 in C2-144 Raum wie 319012; Do 10-12 in U2-205 Raum wie 319012

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