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[Studierende TechFak] Erasmus+ application portal is available, application deadline for WS23/24 and SS24 is end January ( 17.01.23 )

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Dear students,

the Erasmus-program offers a particularly convenient opportunity to
study one or two semesters at another European University, provided
there exists an according bilateral agreement of the faculty.

  • How to apply:* This year, all applications for WS23/24 and/or SS24 take

place via a web portal:

  • Deadline*: *strict deadline is end January*
  • Infos... *on Erasmus in general:

...on filling out the form in the web portal:

... on the procedure in general and possible places to go for Computer

Eligible universities can also be found in the web form; analogous
instructions hold for Biotechnology. Please keep in mind that you have
only two weeks to go until the application deadline!

Best wishes

Barbara Hammer

Prof. Dr. Barbara Hammer
CITEC, Hammer-Lab of Machine Learning
Bielefeld University
D-33594 Bielefeld
Phone: +49 521 / 106 12115
Fax: +49 521 / 106 12181

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