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Help & Contact

Questions on individual courses

For questions related to the contents or organization of individual courses, please follow the link given under the specific course to contact the person in charge. With these questions, the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) will usually not be of much help.

For courses using eKVV participant management , you find information on the individuals who entered their seat assignment in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) on the detail view for the participant management of the respective course.

Questions about centrally assigned rooms

For questions on the assignment of lecture halls and centrally assigned seminar rooms, contact the central room assignment office:


For an overview of available rooms and assignments , please refer to this page: Centrally assigned rooms

Questions on the electronic course catalogue (eKVV) or on the range of courses as a whole

In case of questions on the electronic course catalogue (eKVV), please refer to the Q&A section first. You will find a lot of answers there already.

Open BIS Q&A

For further questions on the electronic course catalogue (eKVV), please refer to the BIS Support address:


For questions on the range of courses for specific subjects, you can contact the above mentioned BIS Support address. We will forward your enquiry to the contacts in charge for the subjects in the faculties.

Alternatively, you can search for the eKVV person in charge in the individual faculties yourself: All faculties and departments