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Photofuel – Biocatalytic solar fuels for sustainable mobility in Europe

Published 29. July 2015

A new European research project is tackling the direct production of transportation fuels from sunlight, CO2 and water with biocatalysts in closed systems

The Photofuel project will develop a next generation technology for the sustainable production of alternative, liquid transportation fuels. The challenge is to advance the base technology of microalgae cultivation in closed bioreactors by enabling phototrophic algae or cyanobacterial microorganisms to produce alkanes and alcohols, which are excreted to the culture broth for direct separation without cell harvesting. This thereby turns the microbial cells into self-reproducing biocatalysts allowing the process to directly convert solar energy, water and CO2 into engine-ready fuels as shown in the figure above.

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Bielefeld Students Develop Rapid Tests to Test Drinking Water Quality

Published 27. July 2015
Bielefeld Students Develop Rapid Tests to Test Drinking Water Quality  

In Boston, the iGEM team will compete with this research project against universities from around the world
What am I actually drinking here? Is my drinking water contaminated with heavy metals? Or can I test if my drink has been laced with knock-out drugs? Ten students from Bielefeld University are working on developing test strips that would allow anyone to quickly test the quality of their drinking water or drink. With this research project, the student team will compete at this year’s iGEM competition in Boston, USA. iGEM stands for “international genetically engineered machine” and is the most important student competition in synthetic biology. From 24-28 September in Boston, the team will present their findings and compete against other research projects by teams from universities around the world.
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Dracula – Dental dangers in the dark

Published 16. July 2015
From July 20 until July 25 always at 8 pm at lecture hall 7

The English Drama Group of Bielefeld University presents William McNulty’s adaptation of the horror classic Dracula, produced by Angie Starczyk. Performances will take place every night from Monday, July 20 to Saturday, July 25, at 8 p.m. at lecture hall 7. The performances will be in English. Admission is free.[Weiterlesen]
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ToBI Competes for the Title of World Champion in China

Published 10. July 2015

Bielefeld University participates in the RoboCup World Championship for the seventh time

From 19–22 July 2015, robots will compete against each other at RoboCup, the largest robotic exhibition in the world, held this year in the Chinese city of Hefei. The team from the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) will again participate in the event. For the seventh time in a row, the Bielefeld University team will battle it out together with the service robot ToBI in the household service league “RoboCup@Home” for the title of world champion. Previously, ToBI made it into the top eight, and at the 2012 competition in Mexico City, it even took third place. The robot “ToBI” is named after its team: Team of Bielefeld.

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Seeing the World through Assistive Glasses

Published 2. July 2015

Researchers at the Cluster of Excellence are developing a new mobile assistance system

A new research project at the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interactive Technology (CITEC) in Bielefeld University focuses on the development of a mobile adaptive assistance system  in the form of intelligent glasses that provide unobtrusive  and intuitive support  in everyday situations. The technology platform is being provided by eye tracking specialist SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) ( The system will be able to identify problems in actual action processes, to react when mistakes are made, as well as to display situation and context dependent assistance in textual, visual or avatar based formats superimposed on a transparent virtual plane in the users’ field of view. The project is called ADAMAAS, which stands for “Adaptive and Mobile Action Assistance in Daily Living Activities.” The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research is funding the project with 1.2 million Euro.[Weiterlesen]
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New Visiting University Chair attracts major academics to Bielefeld from all over the world

Published 29. June 2015
Named after Harald Weinrich, the father of German as a second language (DaF)

Bielefeld University is setting up a new Visiting University Chair for top-ranking international academics. The chair is being named after Harald Weinrich, the founder of German as a second language (DaF) who worked in Bielefeld for many years. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is funding the initiative by the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies for a maximum of four years as part of its visiting fellows programme. As the first Harald Weinrich Visiting Fellow, Professor Dr. Claire Kramsch from the University of California, Berkeley, USA will be coming to Bielefeld in the summer semester of 2016. Professors from Belarus, Italy, Cameroon, Turkey, and the United States should follow.[Weiterlesen]
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‘Events don’t have an existence independent from the media’

Published 26. June 2015

Communications expert Hans Mathias Kepplinger to lecture at Bielefeld conference   

Does an event exist for its own sake or because it looks good in the media? ‘Many of the events reported by the media are consequences of prior reporting,’ says Professor Dr. Hans Mathias Kepplinger. The communications expert is addressing an international conference being held by the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) at Bielefeld University from Monday, 29 June to Wednesday, 1 July. Roughly 30 young academics will be discussing such issues as how events occur and proceed and which structures are effective in their backgrounds (the title of the conference is ‘Structures and Events – A Dialogue between History and Sociology’). [Weiterlesen]
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Carrying a Table Together with a Robot

Published 19. June 2015
In the EU joint project CogIMon, robots are learning to observe, adjust their force, and react  

From a robot’s perspective, humans are normally a nuisance: when robots and humans have to work together, it often leads to problems. Researchers on CogIMon, a new project starting at Bielefeld University, want to teach robots how to interact with humans and work together to accomplish tasks. CogIMon stands for “cognitive compliant interaction in motion.” This research group is working on humanoid as well as industrial robots. The project is coordinated by Professor Dr. Jochen Steil of CoR-Lab, the research institution on cognition and robotics at Bielefeld University. Together with six other international partners, the joint project will run from 2015–2018 and is funded with 7 million Euros from Horizon 2020, a framework programme for research and innovation of the European Union.[Weiterlesen]
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Robotic Modelling for Kids with Bielefeld Robot Flobi

Published 5. June 2015
Robotics research at CITEC featured in June issue of Geolino extra  

Robots are the topic of the new issue of the children’s magazine GEOlino extra, which came out on 3 June 2015. In the article titled “Flobi learns to feel,” reporter Katharina von Ruschkowski profiles the research of Bielefeld University computer science professor Britta Wrede. The article focuses on the robotic head, Flobi, which researchers at CITEC are using to investigate the issue of how robots should ideally look and behave in order to be accepted by humans. So as to help young readers learn how scientific research works, the issue also includes a cut-out activity sheet that allows them to model different facial expressions on a paper model Flobi and see how people react to him.
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Register Now for Summer School at Bielefeld University

Published 2. June 2015

Varied programme ranging from Humour Studies to Intelligent Technical Systems  

Registration is open for Bielefeld University’s summer school. Over 300 students, doctoral researchers, academics and professionals will come here in the summer to extend and deepen their knowledge, further their education and share their experiences with fellow national and international students and colleagues. The summer school programme is organised by the university and the “it’s OWL” Cluster of Excellence. The choice of subjects is wide, ranging from the natural sciences, computer science and mathematics to language and literature courses and seminars on history and health-related topics.
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