"Behaviour: From Neural Mechanisms to Evolution" / Master of Science

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Brief information on the subject

Brains belong to the most complex systems in nature. They control perception, cognition and eventually the behaviour of animals and humans. Understanding the mechanisms that allow animals and humans to behave adaptively in complex environments is one of the most fascinating, but also most challenging tasks in science. The graduate programme Behaviour: From Neural Mechanisms to Evolution provides the relevant interdisciplinary scientific training for a comprehensive education. It introduces concepts, fundamental experimental techniques, and the theoretical approaches that are required to perform research at the frontiers of this ambitious scientific field.

The courses

You will find the programme of lectures for this course in the eKVV.

An overview of the introductory and information events is provided by the central student counselling services.

Formalities / Important information

Course start

Studies can be commenced only in winter semester.

Length and scope of studies

The standard duration of studies is 4 semesters.

The studies Behaviour: From Neural Mechanisms to Evolution comprise 120 credit points.

Admission requirements

Students who have completed a first university degree with a standard duration of at least six semesters according to the subject-related regulations, will be admitted to the Master degree course.

The specific entry requirements for this Master degree course are set down in the subject-related regulations (see navigation).

Degrees from accredited Bachelor degree training courses at vocational schools are equivalent to Bachelor degree courses from universities.

Applicants with a degree acquired abroad will be admitted, provided that the degree acquired is deemed sufficient for this purpose and required language skills are proven. Further information about language requirements

Application, admission and enrolment  1

Places for this course are subject to admission restrictions (Numerus clausus). You have to apply for the admission procedure with the student office of Bielefeld University by Internet. For an overview of the currently valid application deadlines for the individual Master degree programmes, go to here. As soon as you have received a positive reply on the online portal (admission notice of the faculty), you can enrol or transfer within the set deadline. The enrolment documents can be filled in at the student office of Bielefeld University, using the online enrolment assistent. Detailed information and notices regarding the application procedure are provided by the student office.

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