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Prof. i.R. Dr. Walter Trockel

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2. Center for Mathematical Economics

+49 521 106-5644  
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U/V3 1714

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Career

from 1985 to 2012full Professor (C4) at IMW
2002–2009Director of IMW
1984–1985Visiting Professor at IMW
1983–1984Research Associate at Univ. of Bonn
1983Habilitation Univ. of Bonn
1981–1983DFG Habilitation Scholarship UC Berkeley and Univ. of Bonn
1974Doctorate in Economics at Univ. of Bonn
1971–1981Research Assistant at Univ. of Bonn
1971Diplom in Mathematics at Univ. of Bonn

Representative Publications
Robustness of Intermediate Agreements for the Discrete Raiffa Solution. Games and Economic Behavior, 85, pp. 32–36, 2014
An exact non-cooperative support for the sequential Raiffa solution. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 47, pp.77–83, 2011
Implementation of the Nash Solution based on its Walrasian Characterization. Economic Theory, 16, pp. 277–294, 2000
Nonconvergence of Mas-Colell's and Zhou's Bargaining Sets. Econometrica, 65, pp. 1227–1239, 1997 (with R. Anderson and L. Zhou)
Continuous linear representability of binary relations,Economic Theory,6,351-356,1995 (with W.Neuefeind)
The Chain Store Paradox revisited,Theory and Decision,21:2,pp. 163-179,1986
On Uniform Local Dispersion on a Family of G-Orbits. Journal of Mathematical Analysis an Applications, 118, pp. 173–179, 1986
On the Uniqueness of Individual Demand at almost every Price System. Journal of Economic Theory, 33, pp. 397–399, 1984
Price disperded preferences and C1 mean demand,Journal of Mathematical Economics,13,pp.11-42,1984(with E.& H. Dierker)
A limit theorem on the core,Journal of Mathematical Economics,3,pp.247-264,1976

Current research topics

  • Mathematical Economics
  • Game Theory (Cooperative Games, Market Games, Mechanisms)
  • General Equilibrium Theory (Large Economies, Demand Analysis)
  • Decision Theory
  • Social Choice and Institutional Design
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