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Frau Dr. Madelaine Moore


Curriculum Vitae


PhD. Department of Social Science (Politics), University of Kassel, Germany, 2020
Dissertation: Re/Productive Unrest: Understanding Struggles Over Water in Australia and Ireland
M.A. Labour Policies and Globalization, University of Kassel/Berlin School of Law and Economics, 2015
B.A (hons) The University of Melbourne, 2011
BIR Latrobe University, Melbourne, 2010

2021-ongoing Post-Doctoral Researcher, German and Transnational Social Policy, The University of Bielefeld, Germany
2016-2020 Research Assistant (Managing editor Global Social Policy), The University of Bielefeld, Germany
2021-ongoing Associate Editor (Strategy), Global Social Policy
2018 Visiting Research Fellow, The University of Manchester
2017-2019 Casual Research Assistant/Lecturer, the University of Kassel
2011 Research Assistant, University of Melbourne, Australia
2010 Equity and Diversity Support Worker, La Trobe University

2021 Consultant Researcher, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner, Geneva
2020 The Global Labour University Online Academy
2018 Consultant Researcher, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Brussels
2016 Consultant Researcher, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Berlin

2022 Forschungsfonds, Bielefeld University
2021 Jörg Huffschmid Award for outstanding PhD thesis in Political Economy
2017-2020 PhD Fellowship, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
2019 Research Bursary, Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence
2017 Early Career Researcher Workshop Award, European Sociological Association
2017 Erasmus Teaching Fund
2015 Foreign Student Scholarship, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Aktuelle Forschungsthemen

Madelaine is a political economist working on eco-social policies. Her research pushes forward a political economy from below that engages with how people live and contest the multiple crises of contemporary capitalism. She is particularly interested in debates on primitive accumulation, social reproduction theory and labour, and what happens at the margins where different social relations and value systems interact. Empirically she focusses on water policy, rural political economy, and the social and political effects of environmental policy.
Madelaine is currently developing a research project exploring the history and contradictions of water trading markets in a global context.
She has worked as a research consultant on water policy for the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Water and Sanitation (United Nations) and the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, as well as a consultant researcher on labour rights for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Outside of academia she was a founding member of Just Transitions South Gippsland and has been active in labour rights campaigns in Germany and Australia.

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