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World Studies: Orders, Politics, Cultures




Untergeordnete Einrichtungen


Blome, David
Tutor "World Studies"
Davy, Ulrike, Prof''in Dr.
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Davy (Law) specializes, among others, in International Social Security Law, Human Rights Law, Migration Law and Comparative Law. Since 2008, she is co-director of Bielefeld University’s Institute of World Societal Studies.
Flüchter, Antje, Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr. Antje Flüchter (History) is an expert for History of Global Entanglement, Transculturality, Gender History and Theory of History. Since 2017, she directs a research project on “Order in diversity: Practices of comparing in intercultural jurisdiction (17th–19th c.)”.
Gorißen, Stefan, Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr. Stefan Gorissen (History) is professor for Early Modern History and Dean of Studies. He is an expert of Social and Economic History of the Western World.
Kaasch, Alexandra, Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kaasch (Sociology) is professor in Transnational Social Policy and specializes in Global Health as well as in Migration Questions. Since 2016, she is Co-Editor of “Global Social Policy” (Sage).
Kramer, Kirsten, Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr. Kirsten Kramer (Literature) is professor for Comparative Literature/Romance Studies. She is co-editor of “Global Poetics” (V&R unipress) and, since 2017, supervises a research project on “Comparing and Knowing the World: European World Travel Narratives, 18th to 20th Century”.
Lüttenberg, Thomas, Dr.
Dr. Thomas Lüttenberg holds a Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (DEA) from Sorbonne University as well as a doctorate in History from Bielefeld University. For more than 15 years, he has gathered experience in international science administration.
Siehr, Angelika, Prof'in, Dr.
Prof. Dr. Angelika Siehr, LL.M. (Yale) (Law) is professor of Public Law and specializes, among others, in International Law and the Philosophy of Law.
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