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Borkert, Franziska
Subject Librarian for Psychology, Sports, Linguistics, Music, Theology and Gender Studies
Herb, Silvia, Dr.
Subject Librarian of Sociology
Subject Librarian of Information Sciences
Hollmann, Birgit
Subject Librarian of General Natural Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Nutrition Science, Public Health
Kathke, Cindy
Fachreferentin für Medizin
Lechte, Jost
Subject Librarian of Law
Peil, Vitali
Subject Librarian of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering
Pendorf, Gabriele
Subject Librarian of General and Comparative Literary Studies, Anglistics, Romance Studies, Classical Philology,Slavonic Studies
Subject Librarian of Philosophy
Rahmsdorf, Sabine, Dr.
Subject Librarian of ZiF-library
Rieß, Thomas
Subject Librarian of German Language and Literature Studies
Rimmert, Edith
Subject Librarian of Theology, Music, Gender Studies
Subject Librarian of Linguistics
Sembritzki, Laura
Subject Librarian for History, Educational Science and Art
Taubert, Niels, Dr.
Services, research activities and teaching in bibliometrics, cooperating with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Science (I²SoS)
Vompras, Johanna, Dr.
Research Data Services Coordinator
Subject Librarian of Business and Economics, Earth Sciences
Wiljes, Cord
Research Data Manager
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