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209557 Supplementary Module: Active Sensing (S+Pr) (WiSe 2020/2021)

Inhalt, Kommentar

The graduate students carry out individual research experiments that are immediately related to ongoing projects of the workgroup. Topic and scope of each project are subject to an individual agreement with the supervising researcher. Literature will be suggested individually and according to the topic of research. Students are expected to present their project both in the form of a written project report as well as a seminar talk. In order to learn about the larger framework of their own research project, students are encouraged to take part in the weekly journal club and research seminar of the work group. Projects that are available fall in the following areas: (1) Information processing by neurons and neuronal circuits, (2) Modelling neuronal circuits, (3) Analysis of active sensing strategies in weakly electric fish, (4) transfer of biological principles to hardware. Methods that can be learnt include electrophysioligical techniques, functional imaging of intracellular activity, and quantitative analysis of behavior, behavioral training and the modelling of neuronal information processing. Research Module A can be used as preparation for the Masters Project.


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