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230733 Englisch: Erasmus+ Tandem Project in Intercultural Communication (S) (WiSe 2020/2021)

Inhalt, Kommentar

Please note that this course will be online only. All lessons will be given on Zoom and through Lernraum+.

The Connect Programme - an Erasmus+VirtualExchange initiative - is a unique cross-cultural education programme that enables university students from around the world to collaboratively explore the relationships between their societies with the aim of improving intercultural awareness and understanding.

Student participants in this semester’s Connect Programme will gather into groups consisting of approximately ten students each. Students will be drawn from more than 75 universities in countries such as Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, and Libya.

The first sessions in October will be with your fellow Bielefeld colleagues as we explore ideas around communication with people from different backgrounds and beliefs. In the second part students will “meet” with their international groups for real-time discussions once a week for two hours via a customized online, video conferencing platform at a time of your choice. These sessions will take place in November and the discussion topics will revolve around constructively communicating about current social challenges and world events. To join your online group meetings, you simply need to turn on your webcam and headset and log onto a designated website at your chosen weekly meeting time (please note for these sessions a different online meeting platform is used). For more information and feedback from students who have taken part in the program last spring, click on the link below for a short orientation video.

  • Please note that the first session (09.10) is required for orientation and signing up to the platform for your weekly online meeting time slot. If you cannot make this date, please email Grace Dolcini to find out how to join and be included in the project!

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen, notwendige Vorkenntnisse

Successful completion of a B2-rated course
-or- C-Test of the Language Center (Infos unter
-or- a passing grade on the B1.2 Level Exam (given at then end of every summer semester).

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Termine (Kalendersicht )

Rhythmus Tag Uhrzeit Format / Ort Zeitraum  
einmalig Fr 14-15:30 (s.t.) ONLINE   09.10.2020
einmalig Fr 14-15:30 (s.t.) ONLINE   16.10.2020
einmalig Fr 14-15:30 (s.t.) ONLINE   23.10.2020
einmalig Fr 14-15:50 (s.t.) ONLINE   06.11.2020
einmalig Fr 14-15:30 (s.t.) ONLINE   27.11.2020
einmalig Fr 14-15:30 (s.t.) ONLINE   04.12.2020


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Modul Veranstaltung Leistungen  
23-ANG-IntH_a Internationalisierung at home veranstaltungsübergreifend unbenotete Prüfungsleistung Studieninformation
23-FSZ-M20_a Spracherwerb: Spezifische Fertigkeiten bzw. Spezialisierung in den Fremdsprachen Spracherwerb: Spezifische Fertigkeiten bzw. Spezialisierung in den Fremdsprachen 1. Teil unbenotete Prüfungsleistung
Spracherwerb: Spezifische Fertigkeiten bzw. Spezialisierung in der Fremdsprache 2. Teil unbenotete Prüfungsleistung
29-EuIn_a Europa Intensiv Workshops Studienleistung

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Studiengang/-angebot Gültigkeit Variante Untergliederung Status Sem. LP  
Fachsprachenzentrumskurse ENG   2.5 unbenotet  
Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

- participate regularly in class sessions (6 each)
- participate in the eight hours (4x 2hours) tandem sessions with your designated group
- complete the readings for discussion
- final reflection writing assignment

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