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392123 Ethical and Social Aspects of Intelligent Systems and Robots (S) (SoSe 2019)

Inhalt, Kommentar

Intelligent systems have the great potential to shape our every day life fundamentally. Almost every day you can find a newspaper article about the new capabilities of intelligent systems (e.g., beating Go masters, driving autonomously, winning Jeopardy, diagnosing cancer), and at the same time you are also confronted with counter-sites that argue for a responsible usage of artificial intelligent (AI) or even warning about the threat of AI. Additionally, politics and governments are overwhelmed by the current social problems (e.g., demographic change, climate change, shortage of labor) and launch massive initiatives to strengthening AI and robotics research to find solutions for this problems. A well known use case is the usage of robots in care facilities, which are supposed to help and unburden carers of physically demanding tasks, be a solution for the carer shortages, and at the same times are supposed to help seniors to stay emotionally engaged and connected, physically active and safe. As you can see, robots and AI are supposed to be an all-rounder solving every problem with one solution. Though, the deployment of autonomous intelligent systems will dramatically change the way we think about work, care, education, transportation and even war. Furthermore, the risks and potential of such systems are difficult to anticipate. This seminar will give you an introduction into the ethical and social aspects of intelligent systems for autonomous driving cars, warfare robots, robots in therapy and care, the usage of intelligent systems in industry 4.0, as well as discriminating and stereotyping algorithms, before talking about whether and how machines should or could be equipped with a sense for morality.


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39-Inf-EGMI Ergänzungsmodul Informatik vertiefendes Seminar 1 unbenotete Prüfungsleistung
vertiefendes Seminar 2 unbenotete Prüfungsleistung
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Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

It is compulsory

   • to attend the seminar
   • read the publications
   • actively participate in discussions


   • For 3 CP:
       ◦ Choose three of the below listed topics, become the expert on those publications and topic
       ◦ Before the seminar date write me an abstract (300-400 words) 
           ▪ what is the topic/the question of the article?
           ▪ which answers do the authors present regarding the questions
           ▪ reconstruct one of the arguments that the authors used to support his answer
           ▪ what follow-up questions do you have?
       ◦ Prepare a visualization of the the structure of the text
       ◦ Prepare 3 discussion points for the other students concerning your topic
   • For 5 CP:
       ◦ Write a paper (4000 words) about a topic of the seminar. This paper has to be handed in until the 30.09.2019
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