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312212 Praktische Übung zu Arbeitsmarktökonomik (Ü) (WiSe 2018/2019)

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This tutorial is accompanying the course in "Labour Economics with Search Frictions" 312213, but can also be taken as an independent separate course. The purpose of this tutorial is twofold: on the one hand it allows students to solve theoretical problems to gain better understanding of the mathematical models presented in the lecture and prepare better for the final exam. On the other hand, it includes an empirical part where students learn to use STATA to get familiar with econometric models and methods used in labour economics. Empirical analysis will follow the lines of standard econometric techniques, including a multivariate linear regression model, hypothesis testing, interaction terms, the Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition as well as ordered probit and multinomial logit models. The key indicators will be analyzed based on German labour market data and include returns to schooling and seniority for men and women, the gender wage gap, wage inequality between native and foreign workers as well as the effect of social contacts on wages and the probability of finding a job. ECTS credits for this course will be granted to students who pass a statistical test which will take place in the end of the semester.


Borjas G.J. (2010): Labor Economics, McGraw-Hill, Boston, MA.

Cahuc P., Zylberberg A. (2004): Labour Economics, The
MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.

Ehrenberg R.G., Smith R. (2006): Modern Labour
Economics, Addison Wesley, Boston, MA

Greene W. (2008): Econometric Analysis, Pearson Prentice Hall, NY.


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31-M-El1 Elective Courses 1 Gewählte Veranstaltungen aus dem Bereich "Spezialkenntnisse in ökonomischer Theorie und/oder quantitativen Methoden" 2 LP Studienleistung
Gewählte Veranstaltungen aus dem Bereich "Spezialkenntnisse in ökonomischer Theorie und/oder quantitativen Methoden" 2 LP Studienleistung
31-M-El2 Elective Courses 2 Gewählte Veranstaltungen aus dem Bereich quantitative Methoden 2 LP Studienleistung
31-M-El3 Elective Courses 3 Gewählte Veranstaltungen aus dem Bereich ökonomischer Theorie 2 LP Studienleistung
31-MM12 Mikrotheorie und -politik Praktische Übungen Studienleistung

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