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"Educational Science" / Bachelor: Minor Subject (Academic), 60 CPs

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Brief information on the subject

Das Nebenfachstudium der Erziehungswissenschaft führt in die grundlegenden Fragestellungen, Methoden und Theorien des Fachs ein. Es vermittelt den Studierenden Einblick in das breite, differenzierte Spektrum erziehungswissenschaftlicher Fachgebiete und Forschungsfelder. Das Nebenfach Erziehungswissenschaft ist gegliedert in das Studium der fachlichen Basis und eines der im Kernfach genannten Profile.

The courses

You will find the programme of lectures for this course in the eKVV.

An overview of the introductory and information events is provided by the central student counselling services.

Formalities / Important information

Course start

Studies can be commenced in both winter and summer semesters. Courses are targeted to commencing studies in winter semester. Student counselling to plan the course of studies is recommended.

Length and scope of studies

The standard duration of studies is 6 semesters.

The studies Minor Subject (Academic), 60 CPs Educational Science comprise 60 credit points.

Find out about the academic structure model and note the possible combinations as well as the rules regarding the individual supplementary area.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the Bachelor degree course, you must have university entry qualification (such as German "Abitur" - matriculation).

Special provisions will apply to applicants with a foreign educational certificate, for information go to here.

Likewise, special provisions shall apply for qualified vocational students.

Bewerbung, Zulassung und Einschreibung  1

The places are subject to admission restrictions (Numerus clausus). A separate application will be required in this case. Online applications for a winter semester must be made by 15 July to the student office of Bielefeld University, or 15 January, respectively, for a summer semester. The admission notices will be mailed following the end of the application deadline. If you receive an admission notice from the student office within the main award procedure or one of the follow-up procedures, you will be able to enrol or transfer within the set deadline. Following the expiration of this deadline, the place will be awarded otherwise. The enrolment documents can be filled in at the student office of Bielefeld University using the online enrolment assistent. Detailed information and notices regarding the application procedure are provided by the here.

Likewise, special provisions shall apply for qualified vocational students.

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Die Angaben zu Zulassungsbeschränkungen / Numerus clausus beziehen sich auf die Bewerbung zum Wintersemester 2021/22 und Sommersemester 2022.

"technical" degree programme; no option for teaching profession available here.

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