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"Ecology and Environmental Change" / Master of Science

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Brief information on the subject

The Master programme "Ecology and Environmental Change" brings together different fields of ecology (animal and plant ecology, chemical ecology, conservation ecology and theoretical evolutionary ecology) to explore how individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems respond and adapt to environmental change. Over the course of the Master programme, students learn to design and conduct laboratory and field experiments, acquire chemical-analytical methods, learn how to build eco-evolutionary models, and strengthen their statistical analysis and scientific communication skills.
In the first year, students take classes including Ecosystem Wadden Sea (with excursion), Environmental change and chemical communication, Models in conservation biology, Animal Ecology in a changing world, Effects of environmental change on plant chemistry, Plant ecology in a changing environment, Nature conservation and environmental protection (with excursion). The second year consists of individual research modules and the Master thesis.
All classes are taught in English and international applicants are very welcome! German skills are not required, but free German classes are offered for students at Bielefeld University.

The courses

You will find the programme of lectures for this course in the eKVV.

An overview of the introductory and information events is provided by the central student counselling services.

Formalities / Important information

Course start

Studies can be commenced only in winter semester.

Length and scope of studies

The standard duration of studies is 4 semesters.

The studies Ecology and Environmental Change comprise 120 credit points.

Admission requirements

Students who have completed a first university degree with a standard duration of at least six semesters according to the subject-related regulations, will be admitted to the Master degree course.

The specific entry requirements for this Master degree course are set down in the subject-related regulations (see menu on right-hand side).

Degrees from accredited Bachelor degree training courses at vocational schools are equivalent to Bachelor degree courses from universities. Applicants with a degree acquired abroad will be admitted, provided equivalence and, in general, adequate language skills can be proven. Find further information here.

Bewerbung, Zulassung und Einschreibung  1

Places for this course are subject to admission restrictions (Numerus clausus). You have to apply for the admission procedure with the student office of Bielefeld University by Internet. For an overview of the currently valid application deadlines for the individual Master degree programmes, go to here. As soon as you have received a positive reply on the online portal (admission notice of the faculty), you can enrol or transfer within the set deadline. The enrolment documents can be filled in at the student office of Bielefeld University, using the online enrolment assistent. Detailed information and notices regarding the application procedure are provided by the student office.

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Die Angaben zu Zulassungsbeschränkungen / Numerus clausus beziehen sich auf die Bewerbung zum Wintersemester 2021/22 und Sommersemester 2022.

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