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Herr Jörg Heeren

1. Referat für Kommunikation / Medien und News


Referent für Wissenschaftskommunikation


+49 521 106-4199  
+49 521 106-2964  
UHG U7-110 Lage-/Raumplan

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Aktuelle Forschungsthemen

Jörg Heeren, is a certified pedagogue (Diplom-Pädagoge) and journalist. His research concentrates on acculturation, e-learning, and psychosocial counseling in cases of right-wing extremism.

He works together with Professor Dr. Andreas Zick, Chair for Socialization and Conflict Research at the Faculty for Educational Science. Together with Zick he conducted the scientific inquiry in Germany for the research project “Muslims in the European Mediascape” by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, the Vodafone Foundation Germany and the British Council. The project investigates patterns in the use and production of media and their relationship to inter-ethnic relations.