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Prof. Dr. Martin Egelhaaf

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1. Rectorate Representative for Research Networking in Medicine

Rectorate Representative for Research Networking of the Medical School OWL and Core Facilities

+49 521 106-4156  
+49 521 106- 6445 
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Curriculum Vitae

ORCID ID 0000-0002-9336-4270

University Education

1975-1980 Undergraduate - Universität Tübingen (Germany)
1979-1980 Diploma-Thesis, ´Coupled neuronal oscillators in the snail Lymnaea stagnalis: endogenous cellular properties and network interactions´(University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)
1981-1985 Doctoral-Thesis; ´On the neuronal basis of figure-ground discrimination by relative motion in the nervous system of the fly´, Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik (Tübingen, Germany)
1989 Habilitation´ in ´Animal Physiology´, University of Tübingen, Germany.

Professional Career

1985-1993 Principal Investigator, Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik, (Tübingen, Germany)
1994-1995 Fellow (tenured), Visual Sciences Group, Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University (Canberra, Australia)
since 1995 Professor, Head of Department of Neurobiology, Bielefeld University
1999-2006 Speaker of the interdisciplinary DFG Graduate Research Programme “Strategies and Optimisation of Behaviour”
2001-2004 Coordinator of the BMBF Network MONIST ‘Simulations about Brains’
2002-2004 Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Bielefeld University
2006-2021Vice-Rector for Research, Bielefeld University
since 2007Principal Investigator at the Center of 'Cognitive Interaction Technology' (CITEC), Bielefeld University)
2009-2021 Member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Intersiciplinary Studies (ZiF) at Bielefeld University
since 2021 Representative of the Rectorate for Research Networking in Medicine

Fellowships, Honours, Awards

1976–1981 Fellowship of the `Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes', (German National Merit Foundation)
1985 Otto-Hahn Prize of the Max-Planck-Society
since 2005External member of the ‚Centre of Excellence in Vision Science’ of the Australian Research Council (ARC)

Scientific Societies

1981 Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft (Germany)
1985 International Society for Neuroethology
1989 European Neuroscience Association
1989 International Brain Research Organization
1990 Society for Neuroscience (USA)
1993 Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (Germany)

Current research topics

Research Interests

• Neuronal mechanisms underlying visually guided behaviour in insects
• Spatial learning and navigation
• Information processing by nerve cells and neuronal networks
• Population coding of natural sensory information
• Virtual reality techniques to analyse neuronal coding of natural visual information
• Active vision strategies in the context of spatial learning and navigation
• Neuromodelling and bio-inspired robotics

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