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230238 US American History (S) (SoSe 2021)

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The course will be taking place at the scheduled time using LernraumPlus and Zoom. See our LR+ website for more details.

"The word history comes from the Greek word historía which means 'to learn or know by inquiry.' In what follows, we encourage you to probe, dispute, dig deeper — inquire. History is not static. It's fluid. It changes and grows and becomes richer and more complex when any individual interacts with it." --The Independence Hall Association

This course deals with pivotal moments in the development of the United States of America from the pre-colonial era to the 21st century. Given the enormous amount of material on the subject matter, students will focus on historical snapshots and the ideological debates surrounding them in an attempt to unravel the tapestry of contemporary US power structures, prevailing attitudes as well as current cultural and socio-economic circumstances. During the semester students will attempt to follow the strands back to the people and events that have played a role in shaping the USA; i.e. beginning in media res, we will try to locate the historical narratives that tell the tales of a nation once dubbed "an experiment" by digging deeper and inquiring.

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen, notwendige Vorkenntnisse

It would be helpful to have already completed PM3.3: Social and Cultural Studies USA before you take this course.


U.S. History, an OpenStax College resource from Rice University - Download for free at

This textbook will serve as a reference to provide background continuity to the narrative of historical development and to fill in the gaps that cannot be covered in class. Other materials will be distributed to participants. Classroom discussion will NOT merely summarize material in the textbook but will supplement it and provide further context and insights. This means that reading without classroom attendance or vice versa is not by itself sufficient to convey the core content of the course.

Other materials will be made available on our LernraumPlus website.


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wöchentlich Di 10-12 ONLINE   12.04.2021-23.07.2021


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Modul Veranstaltung Leistungen  
23-ANG-AngPM4 Profilmodul 4: Histories 4.4 American History Studienleistung
23-GP Global Perspectives Bereich 2: World history, culture and language Studienleistung
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Studiengang/-angebot Gültigkeit Variante Untergliederung Status Sem. LP  
Internationales in Studium und Lehre (Einschreibung bis SS 2011) Wahl 3 aktive Teilnahme Global Perspectives, Bereich 2 GS
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