Bioinformatik / Promotion:

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Department in charge

Faculty of Technology

Subdivisions SoSe 2024

The subdivisions may differ in the individual semesters

Short form Complete name Status Credit
Number of individual records of achievement*
Group seminar Group seminar Modul  3-8   
Key skill seminar Key skill seminar Modul  0-6   
Lecture/seminar Lecture/seminar Modul  3-10   
Publication Publication Modul  3-10   
Research stay Research stay Modul  5-10   
Supervision of student Supervision of student Modul  0-6   
Teaching assistance Teaching assistance Modul  3-10   
Workshop participation/org Workshop participation/organization Modul  0-6   

* In the information on the number of individual records of achievement, the short forms 'b' for graded and 'ub' for ungraded examinations are being used. A module including one graded and 2 ungraded records of achievements is represented as follows: 1b, 2ub

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