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Frau Dr. Lenny Ferrer

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Curriculum Vitae


  • 2018-2022, Dr. rer. nat (~PhD)

'Bielefeld University, Germany
Synthetic biology-enabled production of L-tryptophan and its derivatives by Corynebacterium glutamicum

  • 2016-2018, Master of Science, Major in Industrial Biotechnology

Kyungsung University, South Korea
Production of muconic acid in Corynebacterium glutamicum by extending shikimate pathway

  • 2011-2015, Bachelor's degree in Chemistry

University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
A study on the anti-diabetic property of modified pinoresinol

Aktuelle Forschungsthemen

During my PhD study, we produced the industrially-relevant odorant indole by debottlenecking regulatory networks and identifying target genes in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Additionally, heterologous pathway introduction and product sequestering were performed. We also constructed a serine-activated biosensor to allow an on-demand conversion of serine and indole derivatives to their corresponding tryptophan derivatives.

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4. Mindt, M., Kashkooli A.B., Suarez-Diez, M., Ferrer, L., Jilg, T., Bosch, D., Martins dos Santos, V., Wendisch, V.F., Cankar, K. (2022). Production of indole by microbial cell factories for flavor and fragrance applications. Microbial Cell Factories.21(1), 45.

5. Walter, T., Al Medani, N., Burgardt, A., Cankar, K., Ferrer, L., Kerbs, A., ... & Wendisch, V. F. (2020). Fermentative N-methylanthranilate production by engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum. Microorganisms.8(6), 866.

6. Kim, B. Y., Jung, H. B., Lee, J. Y., Ferrer, L., Purwanto, H. S., & Lee, J. H. (2020). Production of 4-hydroxybenzyl alcohol using metabolically engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum. Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters.48(4), 506-514.

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