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Ms Prof. Dr. Priska Daphi

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1. Faculty of Sociology / People / Professors


Professor of Conflict Sociology

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Nr. 353 im Gebäude X - Magistrale - Ebene C2

7. Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence / Institutsmitglied


Professur für Konfliktsoziologie in der Fakultät für Soziologie / Arbeitsbereich 4 - Politik und Gesellschaft


Curriculum Vitae


Since 2018 Professor of Conflict Sociology, Faculty of Sociology, Bielefeld University

2017-2018 Head of Research Group “Conflict and Social Movements” (Nachwuchsgruppe) at Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (Leibniz-Institut Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, HSFK)

2014-2017 Research Fellow, Institute for Political Science, Goethe University Frankfurt

2015 Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

2014 Research Fellow, Zentrum Technik und Gesellschaft, Technische Universität Berlin


2013 Dr. phil., Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

2007 Master of Science in Political Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

2006 Bachelor of Arts, University College, Universiteit Maastricht, Netherlands

Awards and Fellowships

2018 Visiting Fellow, City University of New York (CUNY)

2017 Visiting Fellow, Centre for Civil Society and Social Movement Research (CSM), Department of Sociology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

2016 Visiting Fellow, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

2015 Feodor-Lynen Research Grant by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (host: European University Institute, Florence, Italy)

2011 Visiting Scholar, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland

2010 Visiting Scholar, WZB Berlin Social Science Center, research group "Civil Society, Citizenship, and Political Mobilization in Europe”

Selected publications

  • Daphi, P. & Zamponi, Z. (2019). Exploring the Movement-Memory Nexus: Insights and Ways Forward. Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 24(4), pp. 399-417.
  • Daphi, P., Anderl, F., Deitelhoff, N. (2019). Bridges or Divides? Conflicts and Synergies of Coalition Building across Countries and Sectors in the Global Justice Movement. Social Movement Studies. online first.
  • Hinger, S.; Daphi, P. & Stern, V. (2019). Divided Reactions: Pro- and Anti-Migrant Mobilization in Germany. In: A. Rea, M. Martiniello, A. Mazzola, B. Meuleman (eds.). The Refugee Reception Crisis : Polarized Opinions and Mobilizations. Brussels: Editions de l’Université libre de Bruxelles, 56-74.
  • Daphi, P. (2017). “Imagine the streets”: The spatial dimension of protests' transformative effects and its role in building movement identity. Political Geography, 56, 34-43.
  • Daphi, P. (2017). Becoming a Movement. Identity, Narrative and Memory in the European Global Justice Movement. London: Rowman & Littlefield International.
  • Daphi, P. (2017). Zur Kooperation zwischen Behörden und Zivilgesellschaft in der Unterstützung Geflüchteter. Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen, 30(3), 34-45.
  • Baumgarten. B; Daphi, P. & Ullrich, P. (2014) (eds.). Conceptualizing Culture in Social Movement Research. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan

Membership & Service

  • Coordinating Editor of Social Movement Studies (Taylor & Francis)
  • Founding member of "Institute for Protest and Social Movement Studies" (Institut für Protest und Bewegungsforschung) in Berlin (IPB)
  • Spokesperson of “Working Group on Social Movements” (Arbeitskreis Soziale Bewegungen), German Political Science Association (DVPW)
  • Board member Research Committee “Social Class and Social Movements” (RC47), International Sociological Association (ISA)
  • Board member “Research Network on Social Movements” (RN25), European Sociological Association (ESA)
  • Member of “Nachwuchsnetzwerk Neue Perspektiven auf soziale Bewegungen und Protest” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Current research topics

Research interests

  • Conflicts in the context of globalization and migration
  • Political participation
  • Social movements
  • Civil society
  • Refugees and asylum politics
  • Memory studies

Research projects (a selection)

2020-2024 Proteste und gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt: Lokale Konfliktdynamiken im Vergleich [Protest and societal cohesion: comparing local conflict dynamics] (funded by: German Ministry of Education) - in context of the German Research Institute Social cohesion (RISC)

2020 Zivilgesellschaft in COVID-19 Krisenzeiten. Befragung zivilgesellschaftlicher Organisationen [Civil Society in the COVID-19 Crisis. A Survey of civil society organisations] collaboration in the context of the Project „Potenziale der Zivilgesellschaft: Solidarisches Verhalten bei der Krisenbewältigung“ (SolZiv; HU-Berlin/WZB-Berlin) [Potentials of civil society: solidarity in crisis responses]

2017-2021 Willkommen oder beschimpft? Eine vergleichende Studie der Reaktionen auf Unterkünfte für Asylsuchende [Welcome or insulted? A comparative study of reactions to refugees in Germany]
(funded by German Research Foundation DFG)

2014-current Surveys of current protests in Germany (e.g. Montagsmahnwachen, PEGIDA, TTIP, G20 protests) with IPB

2016-2018 Protest and Memory: how contemporary protests in Germany relate to the ‘long 1960s’ in West and East-Germany (funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research) in context of the international ERA.Net RUS Plus Project “LIVINGMEMORIES - Living together with difficult memories and diverse identities” (funded by EU’s Seventh Framework Programme)

2014-2015 Die Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen in den Bundesländern und Kommunen. Behördliche Praxis und zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement [The reception of refugees in federal states and municipalities] (funded by Robert Bosch Foundation) with Jutta Aumüller

2015 Explaining disengagement between cycles of protest: the transition from the Global Justice Movement to anti-austerity protests (funded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)

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