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Dr. Wayne Palmer

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1. Faculty of Sociology / People / Academic Staff


wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im Bereich Transnationalisierung und Sozialanthropologie (Prof. Missbach)

+49 521 106-3850  
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+49 521 106-4639 Secretary's Details
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Nr. 313 im Gebäude X - Magistrale - Ebene C2

Current research topics

Wayne is a Southeast Asianist and a migration scholar with extensive experience providing paralegal assistance to migrant workers claiming labour and employment rights. He uses social-legal approaches to examine legal and policy frameworks that govern labour and migration.


Wayne has an established record of consultancy work across all areas of research interest. He has previously worked with a range of organisations including: United Nations Development Programme; International Labour Organization; International Organization for Migration; Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA; and Seefar.

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