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Frau Dr. Eva Becher

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data
Name: Dr. rer. nat. Eva Becher, Dipl. Biol., MSc Epidemiology
Place of Birth: Münster/Westfalia, Germany
Residence: Potsdam, Germany

Professional Experience
2021 – Today: Senior Scientist at University of Bielefeld, Medical Faculty, Department of Sex- and Gender-specific Medicine: research, teaching and curriculum development
2010 – 2021: Research Manager at Project Management Agency DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt) in Bonn and Berlin. Project management in health research, health services research, epidemiology, national and medical registries, data protection, palliative care.
2003 - 2010: Scientist at the Charité University Medicine Berlin: research and teaching in the field of Gendermedicine. Biomedical Research in cardiovascular diseases, regenerative medicine, gender medicine.
1999 - 2003: Postdoctoral researcher at the RWTH (Rhinean Westfalian Technical University) of Aachen, Institute of Pathology, IZKF Bio.Mat, Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research on Biomaterials: biology of mesothelial cells and adult stemcells .
1993 - 1998: Doctoral Student at the University of Münster, Institute of Cellular Biology and Immunobiology of the Skin: biology of monocytes/macrophages, keratinocytes, dendritic cells.

Higher Education
2017 – 2021: MSc in Epidemiology at the Berlin School of Public Health, vocational studies. Thesis: „Differences in the effectiveness of different Cannabis cultivars – a patient survey”
2008 – 2012: Certificate in “Consumer Health Care”, Charité University Medicine Berlin, vocational studies
1993 - 1999: Doctorate at the University of Münster, Department of Dermatology "Expression of melanocortin receptors in immunocompetent cells of the skin"
1986 - 1992: Diploma in Biology (Equivalent of MSc) at University of Münster, Institute of Microbiology "Investigations of chromosomal and cytoplasmatic localized deletion mutations in Kluyveromyces lactis"
1988 – 1989: Studies: University of Münster, Mathematics

Trainings at the Project Management Agency
2014 - 2015: Modular Leadership Training
2013 - 2014: "Comprehensible and efficient texting", "Gender-equitable use of language" , "Successful speech writing"
2011: Fundamentals of budgetary, administrative and grant law

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