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209809 Scientific Writing in the Natural and Life Sciences (S) (WiSe 2020/2021)


Kurs auf Grund der Pandemie modifiziert

Inhalt, Kommentar

Master’s Theses are often the first real scientific texts of a student’s career that come close to actual scientific publications. The expectations both of the students and their instructors are therefore higher than they were for Bachelor’s degree texts. In this course we will focus on how to write scientific texts in such a way that they can get published and read within the scientific community. We will examine how the research questions influence thesis and chapter structure and how to clearly communicate the answers to these questions. Participants will learn about their individual approaches to writing and develop skills to efficiently and effectively communicate their research in discipline-specific ways.

This course is primarily aimed at Master’s students of Biology, but is open to other Natural Sciences as well. Please get in touch with the instructor beforehand. It is mandatory for participating students that they already have an own scientific research objective as they will be discussing and working on their personal writing project. The course is held mostly in English, but it is possible for students to write and participate in German as well.

ATTENTION: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the exact start of this course is still unclear. We will meet in early November to discuss the exact timeline.


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nach Vereinbarung ONLINE   26.10.2020-12.02.2021


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